Thursday, 26 December 2013


Sound sleeping
The toddler does need it,
In early speaking ability,
He only says, “Mother! Come.”
So that in tandem the baby
Wants to sway with love
The passing of the night,
Sleeping with mother’s caring.

Lovely goes his spirit
And hunts for sleeping,
He wants to be with mother,
In the making of myth of love,
That the child does like to be with
The big organized way of mother's sincerity,
The sentiment of life, in mother’s embrace
And everything of beats of life
The speaking of the baby is heading
With joy on the way of love’s train,
Sleeping with mother.

Under the marathon of busy hours
And service work, the mother
Manages for duty and for her rest,
And brings everything in little gust
Of burning sleeve of tiredness,
Since she moves with languished feeling,
The child’s sleeping scope
Gives mother haste
To finish her workload, and
She just tries to find time,
To come with the toddler,
And in the mean time, it is amazed,
The mechanism has been changed,
And the child starts crying.

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