Monday, 3 December 2012


I cannot reject all reflections,
I cannot reject all points of views,
I cannot reject all net works of addressess,
I cannot be independent of assigned addressess.

Please come close to our moves,
I can use limits of face to face recognition,
I am independent of broadcast dependence,
Me and you.

Let me stand face to face,
I will see how we take in the sunlight,
With rain alongsight

Words of many words are reflected,
We live in he subset of nipples' effects,
Memories are moistured with wordles stares,
I want to mingle with your physical workload.

I am moistured once again and again,
The method of replying is discribed,
Extention of developed images with prefix of love,
I want to get relaxed in your physical network.

I am embroiled with your footsteps,
With prefixed and suffixed net assignments,
All words are stopped,
I am awake in love, please come in my mirror immages.

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