Friday, 7 December 2012


The acquaintance goes outside
Of my web page ecstasy. It is a broken singing.
The scent and hue of our daily talks lost in web jungle,
The airy space is now a passing light.

Once we talked like rain of words falling,
Upon glass window, with resonance and passion,
My fingers run over keyboard to bring bubbles of love,
Until dark horizon came on the compliant mode.

Now I sit down on the web page alone, I often call her
Over phone, and recorded voice tells me
The telephone number is not in service,
One moment I have a deep sigh.

Behind the glass screen, I do not know what
She is doing, absence from me is a fence over the passion,
That was once our talks and understanding each other.
As if tons of love has the earth between me and her.

Space on the earth has done connections like burn,
Web sand piles are now over our heart, a greedy web surge,
It bends everyone and then makes vacuum
That braces over life and burn, heart of lost heart.

Color is gone, I still on the fencing braces of learning,
I have to go on break after break, as wave breaks and forms
Over oceanic character of love and gravitation,
I still love a break of loneliness, thinking she will come again.

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