Monday, 24 December 2012


Time passes in time,
Man or woman goes in time,
As I am travelling in speeding train,
Looking outside of the natural scene,
And I think of the time
That is relative,
With the stars moving
Or brightening the sky,
As if I see the love,
Kissing and cuddling
On the past day,
As if I am one of them
Who are listening sounds of life,
In heart and in rain,
When the green covers body reign,                             
And I live in seasons of the nature
Mature with recollection
Of our touching and caring
Our loved one.

Time will come
When I will sink in memories,
To think life is journey
With love and battle,
Like up and down contour
Of the hill and the terrain,
Masterful enclave
Of the nature with dream,
In presence of our deeds.  

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