Saturday, 21 January 2017


Charley Harper Amadillo Atuffed Animals, image credit by Nod Koala, Bluebell Books Short Story Slam Week 61

Original Script of the poem in this format:

The poem:

Hope you are a sequence,
It is playing with a toy animal,
Just a different kind of mind of subconsciousness,
And you enter there as you are a child. 
You are at your playing probable and
You just say, “I will be a train driver.
And drive animals for realization.”
We find a dream in your childhood,
Beginning of life you just begin,
Just a different idea in perceived playing,
You dream, as if you swim pointing to maturity,
As you are a child. 
People standing before you see purpose,
Just they hold smart cell phones,
Take pictures of you for sharing all
In social web sites, and in this era
Profession and procession just move
Across the land of new generations
And paving of new passages of
Embankment, we still behold our tenderness,
Imaging that on new parabolic path, you do stand.