Saturday, 14 January 2017


I can say anything I like,
I can promise anything I retrieve,
I can declare anything I envisage,
You are at liberty to examine me,                                             
No matter to me if you believe me.
No matter to me if you distrust me,
I do not mind if you discard me,
Your verdict upon me is conducive,
On this platform I do hold authority,
You can retain universality,
It may differ to my concept,
Contradiction is way of life.

Imagine I am like an effigy,
To guard golden paddy field,
I stand against corn theft or
To be eaten away by tricky birds,
I love birds, they may come around
My temple that I built for masses.

You crack a water layer, and
I put one glass barrier, and compress you
So as to not to get you involved in flares
That can burn vessels, and can disrupt my fair ride,
Because you cannot judge a swallowing black hole,
On the foreground where I am all in dominance,
I judge blotted whims and show all your plums.

How many of you can think of an act
That when expressed can tarnish minds of people,
Yet you cannot speak of it in loud voice
But I can use that table as doormat,
It is my way to act according to my will,                                  
So that any joke I make is vocabulary to the extreme,

I can create an effigy of my own
You have to worship it even if you improvise it,
Many people just think to give this effigy
To their next generations those who, in turn, be delighted
To know that history has turns, heroes are created on trial,

On capturing images of this effigy to be held aloft. 

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