Wednesday, 4 March 2015


With the day break, clouds cover the sky,
Where no sunlight comes, and heart of water
Does hover over my head when I am walking
On the roof-top of my house, and drizzles
Are pouring in all-around, it is beginning of March,
Mango flowers just begin to bloom, and
Festival of colors (Happy Holi) begins countdown to come,
Things of beauty of spring begin with Palash flower.

I raise my mind to enjoy that beauty
In cloudy sky that starts to show the earth
That has seasons with vibrant show amid pleasing
Mind’s approach, as long as
Smoothing illusion grows around mind’s journey,                                                                          
Over hard situations and we try to induct us
Into good weather, and raindrops begin falling
With speed of stormy gush, not fenced with narrowness.          

I am on the roof-top and get wet in rain
Raindrops get trapped within cornice walls
And concrete surface fails to soak water
That gets no speedy passage to go down drain,
Waters on the surface turn into a pool or sea
Where raindrops make stir to carry wave of life,
That caries running with bounces, re-bounces,
All are secrets of own songs of nature, delight.  


  1. Love your description of Spring - Mango flowers blooming, colours. Lovely nature poem.

  2. love the title, refreshing imagery.

  3. spring rain
    is a lovely aspen,
    love the title.

  4. animated rain imagery,
    glad to see your words dance.

  5. Nature's delight. The description of flowers is beautiful and colourful!

  6. on roof top getting wet in the rain
    is a funny snap shot.

    well done lines.

  7. keep post,
    do read your peers.