Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Sitting near bamboo fencing of a village house
I am looking where bees are moving around.

The fencing is covered with small creeper plants,  
With flowers blooming in this spring season.

From where do these bees come? I think,
I do not find bee hive nearby or in vicinity.

How long do these bees collect honey? I think,
All the time I see bees are hovering near flowers

And collect honey for a few moments, and fly away,                                                                            
Sometimes, they sit on flowers and immediately

They fly away and this tells that honey from
Those flowers, has already been collected, I think.

Are these bees are like those are living within us?
Are these bees symmetry of our thinking? And

Are these bees composing hives of collective dream?
We are on the forefront of our living panorama here.