Thursday, 28 March 2013


When mother is away on duty,
When baby son is left at home,
When the world needs caring for the infant,
The grandmother becomes beloved one,
She comes and gives bath to her grandson,
Who then soundly sleeps after bottled milk-feeding.

The caring grandmother stays for several hours,
As if she is like a lesson for loving her grandson,
She loves all - her husband, her son, her daughter-in-law,
She does it all the time, today and tomorrow,
Since she came in the family, and remains as guardian,
Emotionally and profoundly she does her duty.

She does not work for money,
She wants peace in the family,
She likes to love and be loved by all,
Yet she is alone as confusion runs inside,
As if she is the blue sky with gentle trust,
That all members do not understand.

She is like a crown upon family-mirror,
Its image does hold no reflections,
She is like a running figure, none can think about,
Sea wave cannot be measured, she is like that,
She is an ordinary woman, a simple housewife,
She likes to embrace pathos for her loved one.

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