Monday, 26 February 2018


Poem - 12

The sun promises to appear, crimson red,
Cool, round, vivid, pleasant, vibrant, stoic,
Everyone on the beach picked phone-cameras
To click buttons to picturize the entire scene.

The young couple stood close face to face
A little space between for taking snap of her,
He took phone-camera to clear her full view,
Positional crave on the phone-monitor, for

High definition resolution output, turned on,
A short-lived posture, worth much, pieces of
Strong memory, to be picturized for love, and
Created by him for song of love, on beach.

By the event for loving hearts, she is quiet,
And leans to photogenic position, like wonder
Of water flowing and seeking way to stratum
To see more, to feel more, and to learn more,

About him who waves changes in her eyes,
Where she finds noble performance, and
He goes without a word with her terms of
Dedication and someone takes him for her.