Saturday, 17 June 2017


A poet is very happy
When someone smiles with happiness
Holding the poet’s book of poetry,

Getting denied to sharing a dais,
During summer release of poetry books
Of poets arrived from different places of country,
At a venue, where he was also present,
His poems are not like poems of their choice,
No miracle is done in words,
All his moves are like ghost travels,
Shadows of termination,
Registration fees, the license of performing
On the dais, real advantage for anyone,
That he could not bound to acquire field,
And he strolls around the dais,
As if he walks with backward twist.
He does not venture to go forward,
And he returns home with timid gestures.

Our money relations,
Our poetry revelations
Have little difference in evolution.
If power of word fails to get living performance,
There is none to support life,

Beneath the silent evaluation of living. 


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