Thursday, 4 May 2017


The river is at its worst time,
No water, only sand and concrete bridge,
Summer is the damper, undelivered,
It never pays passengers so throttling
With water, villagers sitting under
Tree shadow, scorching sun-rays,
People of the earth beg water,
Centrifugal water resources drops,
Mother earth says, “No, No, No,
Water is my efficiency, wait a bit,
Wild things cannot go, water needs flowing,
Wasteful usage makes everything dry.”
No question of residual water flowing,
Mother earth cannot end up
In back-flowing, motivates raising and
Flowing of water from the source of
Load treatment we do not know about,
The sky is not clearly blue, clouds forming,
Alarm is raised, Kalbaisakhi arrives,
Surrounds everything with storm and rain,
Then pillars of bridge hide under water,
Summer delivers creative power, with greens,
Natural sensing creates survival notes
Like music that removes wild things out.

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