Friday, 1 April 2016


BouBhaat, conventional Bengali wedding ritual, 
On second day of marriage, groom's family arranges  
a dish with Rice, Ghee, Vegetable-curry 
Fish curry, on a Kansa Thali along with  
Curd and Sweets, All are at visible and  
functional way followed by a reception party.  
The groom offers this Thali to bride, saying that 
he will take responsibility of maintaining 
the bride's all needs of life, including saris 
To wear for whole life of staying together in the family. 
A familiar way of showing love and responsibility. 

Rice, Ghee, Fish Curry,  
Curd, Sweets, on a Kansa Thali, 
Foods for bride, image  
Of life, groom offers it to her 
With promises, rhythm, love. 

This delicious food, 
On wedding day to honor 
His bride in family,  
He calls  the day their own  
How careful he would be.