Wednesday, 11 November 2015


I walk to the construction site
Soil is prepared, r.c. column tries to grab the sky,
Rubbish, building materials scattered everywhere,
Metro railway on the foreground with sidewalls,

Buildings crab to get architectural beauty,
That fits to the new town’s appearance.
I want to search lost field’s greenery,
It is bounded with fencing at some places,
Either it is a mall premises or lawn to sit-and-eat,
Having one big sign-board, “Multi Cuisine Restaurant”,
Cosmopolitan town just takes the shape,
And sign of purposeful commercial intent,
Living here is a boast for those who can afford price,
Cemented whims is established with no grudge,
We need not think of the past, exposure is there
Just to walk beside the glimpse, edge of dream.  

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