Wednesday, 14 January 2015


This road across the river bed
Makes me remember
Time has passage
For livelihood
For home
With sequence of events
And this river
Turns into a stream,
Again in rainy season
It turns to a monster river.

I stand at one bank and other bank
Is visible as if it is
Parallel line far away
With pillars being constructed
For a long concrete bridge
Along breadth of the river
All objects and all shadows
Just make matter motto:
Cross the river, and reduced the distance
For journey we pertain everyday
For living in busy sprain
We are facing daily like
Nailing a wooden block                                       
For building a make- shift bridge
We are walking on time and again.

The Subarnarekha stays with life and time. 


  1. the growth in a river reminds us of life and future.

    a circle, yet full of happiness and sadness.
    loved the metaphor, happy rally.


  2. time speaks of our history and stories.
    a river flows down from east to west,
    everything sparks our imaginations.
    good to read and think about a river's power.
    bitter sweet ending line.

  3. at the end of desert, is always forests and water way.

    lovely story line,

  4. daily stress is one of our life time challenges.

  5. awesome poem. thanks for sharing!

  6. beautiful thoughts.