Monday, 31 March 2014


She is in the hospital bed
She drinks green-coconut-water
Stones just removed from her kidney.

The surgeon enquired
Whether she took plenty of water,
And moderate food.

She was alone at home
With her grandson,
When parents of little one

Are at their working zone,
She finds no time
To take care of her body and mind.

She forgets to sing, she forgets to look,
She forgets to mingle, she forgets to
Emotionally respond to nutrition.

She falls to nature’s retaliation
She is at her faults,
Stones formed in kidney and in gallbladder.

And the worst has been done
She is at loss of strength,
Very organic formation.

Surgery is done; caught in loneliness,
Her random speed has been broken,

Harvesting moon has no promises in her eyes. 

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