Saturday, 15 February 2014


First school leaving certificate
Before first entry to graduation level
Started forty seven years back
For paving in life and patronage,
Life starts at this new stage,
Memories now famous to remember.

Standing before my school
Memories fall behind books
To form another chapter
Infinite movement into time
That forms another book to read.

Remember, remember
The high school that is simple
That stands before me as symbol
That swirls in mind like flower
That I hold aloft in its fragrance
For acquiring vision that I hold still.

 I salute the institution
With a hand that still writes bold
Decisions and resembles the achievement
That I still carry with me
Like processions of life’s journey
In the enigma of stepping forward.

After forty seven year
I am standing here to see the school,
Its endless revision in mind
Gives me feeling of past revelations
That I made in my teens
While I was here to accumulate hugeness. 

Note: Picture of Tamluk High School, Tamluk, West Bengal, India. 

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