Monday, 30 September 2013


Being alone one day

I was walking around

The streets of Kolkata

Then I found

A new building is coming up

In the place of old building


And all old furniture

And wooden door and window

Materials are stacked

As if these are antiques

With a hanging notice board

Announcing the activity -

Inviting auction sale

Of all old materials to be checked

For further use

If one likes to repair and reuse

The old valuables, if one can find it feasible.



I am thinking of my life

I have everything

A house, wife, son, daughter-in-law,

A little grandson,

Yet I am moving alone,

They are theirs,

The baby is theirs,

Wife is in a mood

To farewell everything,

Their eyes cast shadows,

Over the scares and gathering

They want to get benefit,

And I cannot think I am elderly one

To say something valuable

As if I am lonely man walking down roadway,

Thinking of demolished building,

Wherein once lived old residents, with

High spirits and solvency held high

In the time of their sovereignty,

Their power to propagate supremacy,

Now their memorabilia are sold,

As dead great grandmother had not to worry about

What she had one to hold and what she had

Not to possess about on the passage of time.

And in my loneliness,

I am also sold to the art of buying antifreeze of a car

In the equation of theory and data retrieved:

If theory is true, data is true, depending

On hands those are already moved to selling content

That slips down old Sapphire glory

As if harvest morning dismisses cloudy sky.

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