Sunday, 28 July 2013


This poem is for Miss Riya Bhattacharya                                                                                        

It is raining, my presence and my thinking
Move along evening singing, with rainfall sounds
That make echo and come in room through window,
A clear falling sound of rainwater from rooftop outlet,
Making ground resonate, filled with water clogged,
My friend, being nostalgic, turns to gossip of our old days.

Then his daughter, a research scholar in Economics
Comes forward to have hot tea and hot snacks,
And wearing a rain-coat, goes out like an angel to the market,
Her footsteps sound in rhythm of rain fall, with resonance,
As she is digging clogged water to place feet firmly on ground.

After a while she returns with some food stuff firmly closed,
She is covered  in rain bubbles, looking beautiful in face,
She buys some puffed rice, hot and crispy potato chops,
And she serves lovingly hot tea and hot snacks in this rainy evening,
This makes us stay in gossips and the young lady hears us patiently,

She makes this rainy evening beautiful and charming episode to remember.

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