Sunday, 13 May 2012


Great love it is and all scenes of blooming
Of love in the window view of varying shades,
Grandmother looks at her grandson, and thinks,
“You are my good breathing in ground source,
You are my soul of expectation for my credence,”
The baby looks at deep sequence looking upright,
His tender limbs and innocent eyes catch promises.

She is witness of three generations –
Her father-in-law, husband, and grandson,
Three roses on the same origin, delightful,                                   
She gets three colors of love, after leaving parents,
The flow that does charm in the stream of family,
That gives birth and starts profile of lives,
That she is getting great promises of ancestry.
The baby in his new looks gets comfort,
In caring lap of grandmother, definitely firm,
And looks at her eyes in askance, so bright,
And grandmother finds loving campaign
That has full and amazed feeling in baby’s eyes,
He is the promise of the future and everything
That life has a dream in celebrating new coming,
It is recognition of loving thrust to go with the sun. 

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